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1.  A B Restorative Justice Restorative justice in used in many schools to addre

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1.  A B
Restorative Justice
Restorative justice in used in many schools to address concerns regarding privilege, power, difference, and oppression as it relates to student behavior. Do you think restorative justice would be an effective approach in the school or district you hope to teach in one day? Why or why not? Provide specific examples.
2.  Am Br
Define “American”
I know this seems very basic, but how do you define “American”?
3.  J R
When labeling first came out it was for students that were special education to identify the disability they had in order to help them succeed. But throughout the years labeling has become a negative thing. While it does still help educators know what their students’ needs are it also can be negative in the way these students are treated. It has been said that labeling “dictates that those students need to be normalized or perfected. The assumption is that these children possess an inherent deficiency (Gold, Richards 2012)” Many educators feel that when studeents are labeled that we are trying to fix them which is not the case. This also goes for certain people groups and races. I have seen educator label the  “Hispanic kids” saying they will need help in reading based just off their culture without seeing where their reading levels are. Labeling students in this way does not help them, it only hinders their possibilities and, in my opinion, it also breaks down their self-worth and confidence. One way you could label reading groups without making it a culture thing is by their reading letter they are on. So, reading Group A, B and so on. Ever educator knows what these letters are and they don’t come with a negative stigma. This also could go for every group you break your students up in, no matter what subject it is for. You could break students up into study groups based on where their levels are at and let them come up with a group name as well.
4.  Ama Bru
Building Stronger Relationships
What are some ways we can build stronger relationships with your school and the school’s community to better serve all students and their learning needs? Provide an example of an activity for the classroom or a family night that would help foster these relationships.
5.  N J
What is the purpose of school?
In your opinion and considering your experience, what is the purpose of K-12 education?
6.  N M
According to the scenario presented, it would not be in the teacher’s best interest to engage with students on a social media page as it pertains to his personal life, including girlfriend, drinks with friends, and other happenings that do not pertain to school or portray himself as being a professional. These behaviors contradict the Professional Dispositions of Learners in the areas of; high expectations, professional conduct, advocacy, and dedication. The Model Code of Ethics is defined by a responsibility to the profession, including being knowledgeable and accountable, responsibility for Professional Competence, and acting in the best interest of the students.
If the teacher wanted to discuss appropriate school related issues, or speak about an event or a pet, something reasonable, relatable, and suitable for school children there may be a specific school media page in which to do so, however, sharing private information that contradicts the teacher’s position as an authority and role model, would not be advised.
The social media page dedicated to his classroom may be acceptable to converse with students on, however the language, material, and topics discussed must be applicable to and align within the Professional Dispositions of Learners as well as the Model Code of Ethics.

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