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1.A growing tomato plant is sprayed with a chemical that destroys chlorophyll. E

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1.A growing tomato plant is sprayed with a chemical that destroys chlorophyll. Explain (using an explanation of photosynthesis) why this will kill the tomato plant.
2.The equation for photosynthesis is 6CO2  6 A.M.2O – Sunlight — C6H12O6  6O2. Explain the role of each of the products (left side of the arrow) and explain where the products (right side of the arrow) came from.
3. Using figure 4.8 for guidance, explain which colors of light a plant with just chlorophyll a result would result in the highest photsynthetic output. Why would a yellow only light scenario not be ideal for plant containing both chlorophyll a and chlorophyll b.
4.Explain the advantages and disadvantages of the C3 pathway for photosynthesis.  Under which conditions would a C3 plant have an advantage?  a disadvantage? 
5.A drug that inhibits hydrogen ion gradient formation is deadly to humans and plants? Explain why this is so.
6.Explain the relationship between food consumption and cellular respiration. How does the food we eat generate ATP energy? Make sure to discuss ATP synthase in the electron transport chain.
7.Explain why oxygen is not needed in glycolysis but is in the electron transport chain. How is water formation related to the role of oxygen in the electron transport chain?
8.Explain why a drug that inhibits NADH production would be deadly to an organism that undergoes aerobic cellular respiration.

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