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1-  Explain how enterprise applications software differ from conventional (or in

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1-  Explain how enterprise applications software differ from conventional (or individual) consumer applications software. Specifically, what key areas of an enterprise does the software solution attempt to assist in managing and optimizing and what are the four main applications generally used? 
2- Describe three essential IT tools that have been transforming business processes and allowing those businesses to confront market or industry challenges brought on by COVID 19 and other severe disruptors
3-  The Open Source Software industry revolves heavily on the freedom for software users to openly share software that is “free,” as opposed to the model widely popularized by Microsoft to make software proprietary. What does “free” mean in terms of free software and open source? Also, draw up a brief comparative analysis of advantages/ disadvantages users may experience when comparing proprietary and open source software. 
4- Highlight four considerations business managers must consider with regard to data (e.g. storage, access, etc.). Also, define “weightlessness” as it pertains to IT infrastructure and provide at least two brief examples driving contemporary business weightlessness. 

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