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1. Find out what Swarm (Links to an external site.) is. 2. Choose several case s

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1. Find out what Swarm (Links to an external site.) is.
2. Choose several case studies included in the Resources -> Prediction Highlights (Links to an external site.) and Resources -> Case Studies (Links to an external site.).
Pay attention to the question and possible answers described in the case studies.
3. Propose a question that you think Swarm can help you finding the answer.
Submission instructions:
Click on the Discussions -> “Q for Swarm” and create a new thread. You need to include the following information in your post:
What is question you want to ask and what are the possible answers (10 points);
What category does this question belong to. Category can be one of the following: politics, business, healthcare, and education (2 points);
Why do you think it is an important question to ask (3 points);
Why do you think collective intelligence can help finding the answer to your question (5 points).
QNO.2. Read the attached Ethics-IV.pdf which continues the discussion on how software engineers can actually live up to ethical standards and what is the end goal of an ethical life in software engineering.
Then proceed to answer the questions inside the reading:
Questions 6.1 and 6.2
Question 7.1
Because for many ethics questions there is no absolutely right or wrong answers as such, your responses will be graded based on completeness and thoughtfulness as opposed to rote or perfunctory ones. There are three grade levels for this assignment based on your responses to all the questions: 20 (no reasoning in responses), 35 (minimal to little reasoning), and 50 (sufficient reasoning and consideration).
Write your answers in a Word file using Times New Roman font (no smaller than 10 pt but no bigger than 12 pt), single spacing, 1″ margins on all sides.
Save your file as Ethics_4_FL where FL is your first and last name initial and Submit.

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