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1) For this assignment, you will be researching one of the recently discovered h

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1) For this assignment, you will be researching one of the recently discovered hominin fossil species from the past 20 years. This my include one of the following, though there are additional possibilities:
Homo georgicus/Dmanisi fossils
Australopithecus sediba
Homo naledi
Homo floresiensis
2) For the paper, you need to find at least three reputable, published sources within the past 20 years. That means that they must be from journal articles or books—not from our textbook, and not from an online blog. You can easily access multiple journal sources and books online. Seek out our library resources for help if you need it:
3) The paper is to be a minimum of two full pages (not including references) organized into paragraphs by sub-topic, with a introduction, a thesis statement, several sub-themes, and a conclusion. 
4) Sources are to be cited within the paper using APA or Chicago style (Author year:page), with all references included in a separate bibliography, and all mentioned sources must be cited within the paper properly. The reference page can not count towards the two page minimum.
5) You will be graded on the quality of your research, your accuracy, and your writing. Any plagiarism will immediately disqualify your extra credit and can lead to disciplinary action and removal of your participation points. Please do not risk plagiarizing!

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