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1. Pick a population you are interested in helping (for example, teen parents, c

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1. Pick a population you are interested in helping (for example, teen parents, children of domestic violence, abused children,
homeless adults).
2. Research this population. Address the following in 2-4 pages
a. Possible causes of the issues these people are facing. Statistics regarding this population (for example, approximately how
many adults are facing homelessness in the United States, or how many teen parents live in the Chicago area)
b. Sociological issues this issue causes (for example, how does teen parenting impact socioeconomic issues).
c. What special health care issues arise for this population? (for example, emergency care for battered women, long term
impact of abuse for children, access to care for homeless adults)
d. What services have been successful in helping this population in the past?
3. Visit a social service agency in your area that addresses this issue. For example, a youth services agency, counseling center,
etc. Take notes on the following (1-2 pages):
a. What general services does this agency offer?
b. What services does this agency offer that is specific to the population you are researching?
c. If there are no options within 10 -20 miles of your home, please look up an agency within 60 miles of your home online and
find the answers on their website of give them a call.
4. Come up with a plan to help this population. Include (synthesize) all of the information from questions 1-3 (1-2 pages)
5. Reference page (Please include a title page, citations, and a reference page in APA format.
Research must be evident. Please use at least 2 peer-reviewed journal articles, and 3 other sources. Please answer all questions in
the assignment.
The facility I would like to include in the paper is night ministry in chicago.

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