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1. This has been a difficult eight months for most people. For a Juvenile to com

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1. This has been a difficult eight months for most people. For a
Juvenile to come out of a detention center, jail or prison, this experience is
usually stressful. Now add on the fact that they have all experienced severe
limitations to contact with family/natural supports, fear of contagion in close
quarters with limited disinfecting, watching others get sick and sicker without
adequate medical care/response. Quarantine/social distancing (for the healthy
and the sick) is equivalent to being in solitary confinement for many (stay in cell,
stay in room).
It’s no exaggeration to say that this may have changed the trajectory of
their lives in unknown ways (think Acute stress Syndrome, PTSD, other
mental health problems, economic/housing problems, etc.). Assuming
they are on Probation/Parole, they’ll have to attend school (or seek and
maintain employment), keep curfew, keep appointments, etc. How will
you assess their re-entry needs in order to maximize their positive
readjustment? Explain what supports you are putting in place for them
and their families. How will you help them build resilience?
^ As long as you answer the question for at least one full page. It will be alright. You can use a reference if needed.

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