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1)- You need to read several (at least five or six) articles on this topic to ma

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1)- You need to read several (at least five or six) articles on this topic to make sure you cover all aspects of this issue. These articles may not include theoretical and empirical models (like scholarly
articles), but they must include theories supporting the policy tools, and/or tables and graphs showing the real-world implementation of the tools, if any. Because you need to understand the underlying theories based on what you have so far learned. The articles must be published by reputable individuals or publications/sources.
2)- Briefly, summarize the conventional policy tools.
3)- Explain, why central banks need the unconventional tools as opposed to conventional ones. Why they may need many of them. Briefly review the history of the ones that are being implemented, and
their results.
4)- Why central banks may need more tools for the future. What tools are available for the future?
5)- Explain, the underlying theories for the tools in part 3 and 4, and their limitations. Make sure you discuss the impacts on investors, consumers, corporations, demand for goods, interest rates (yields),
inflation, …, among other things.
6)- Discuss the role of conventional/unconventional fiscal policies, in the application of the monetary tools that you are analyzing.
7)- Write your personal views about the analyzed tools and their application.
8)- General organization, quality of analysis and presentation, creativity, elaboration of the paper, and also, proper referencing.

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