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#1)The United States has high college enrollment rates but low college completio

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#1)The United States has high college enrollment rates but low college completion rates compared to other rich countries. Why is this the case? Why is a college degree important in today’s economy? In answering this prompt, you should discuss:
a) two factors that lead to the low college completion rates of US students.
b) two factors that have made a college education more valuable in the labor market overtime.
#2)Why does the gender pay gap exist? What have been the main trends in gender inequality in the
labor market since the 1970s? Why did the progress towards gender equality stall in the 1990s?
In answering this prompt, you should:
a) provide a brief summary of the two main explanations behind the existence of the gender pay gap (hint: do not just name the explanations; provide a definition of what they are); b) describe at least two of the patterns in gender inequality that we covered in class; c) mention at least two reasons for the stall in gender equality
#3)What are some of the factors behind the large wealth gap between White and Black households?In answering this prompt, you should:
a) describe the magnitude of the wealth gap in dollar terms;
b) mention at least two factors that have produced the current wealth gap.

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