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700-900 WORDS  Brand loyalty often starts with the art of persuasion or advertis

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700-900 WORDS 
Brand loyalty often starts with the art of persuasion or advertising appeal. Influences are everywhere—most often based on trends, people who others emulate, one’s family’s ideas, and groups one belongs to. When people buy products, their decisions are often influenced by social, group, and even anthropological effects that shape their consumer behaviors. New media have greatly influenced why and how people buy today, too. Social media are about sharing and virtual word of mouth that makes buying convenient, easy, and fast. This assignment is designed to help you see how advertising messages get people’s attention based on their relevance to people’s lifestyles.
Click on a favorite Web site that you might consider for buying a product or service. Once you have chosen a Web site, create an Advertising Appeal Analysis that includes the following information:
Time to Travel
Time yourself to see how long you are on the Web site. Track your clicks on items via the site.
What did you click on, and why?
Did you download anything?
How easy was it to surf around the site?
Were there any difficulties or interruptions in your site travel?
If so, did this make you want to leave the site, and why? What other observations do you have?
Write an analysis of 100–200 words about your time traveling around the site.
Message Appeal
Examine the text and photos presented on the site.
What drew you into the site and kept you there, and why?
Write an analysis of 200–300 words about how the site’s information and graphics appealed to your buying behavior and interest.
Surf Speak
Based on your clicks, likes, and selections, how would you describe your surfing patterns to a marketer to help make the site better and more appealing to you in the future?
Write a section of 100–200 words about how the marketer could “speak” to you via the site with advertising appeals that would make you want to visit and buy from the site often.
Media Match
Find an advertisement via the Web, a print ad, or television commercial that matches the company or product on the Web site.
Write an analysis of 100–200 words about how this ad complements the site or pushes customers to the site.
Explain its message effectiveness.

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