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75 words and reference as reply to this person  Communication and Medical Docume

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75 words and reference as reply to this person 
Communication and Medical Documentation
Learning a culture and error reporting is very important for an organization success. It is very important for employees to know their work. For an organization it is important to give all the gears your employees need. Especially job aids. For healthcare organization it is very important when administering medication, when releasing medical information, when entering medical information into chart, it is very important to make sure you are in the right patient chart. Making medical errors happening is not a new thing and it won’t be the last. Many medical malpractice lawsuits are there because of the physician’s negligence or omission. Many larger organizations offer once a year refreshment training for employees, I believe it is very important and they are helping you as well as the company. We call it Health Stream or webinars.  After the implementation of electronic medical records, the medical errors have been reduced. It’s kind of tells that computer is smarter than human? I have made several mistakes those were small mistakes and no harm came out from that. Instead I learned from my mistakes.
The main reason for medical is because of the lack of communication (KSA, n.d). Communication is very important. Example: If a physician forgets to enter an allergy to patient allergy list that can harm the patient. Another physician or nurse can give patient something he/ she is allergic to. Communication and medical documentation are very important.
KSA (n.d) Miscommunication a major cause of medical errors; Retrieved from:

Miscommunication a major cause of medical errors

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