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75b w0rds and 1 reference  Each individual is built differently and with that ha

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75b w0rds and 1 reference 
Each individual is built differently and with that have a different immune system. Any destruction in the immune system that makes it sensitive to common substances such as foods and dust can be classified as allergens, which causes allergic reactions. Some of these allergic reactions can be mild, moderate, or services depending on the individual, and the allergen presented. The patient’s safety is essential, and it is the responsibility of every individual to make sure patient safety is practiced and encouraged in the facility. It is vital to read the medical history and also ask patients if they have any allergic reactions before any procedure is done. It is expensive to equip the facility with latex-free supplies, but it is wise to save than sorry. Labeling and marking latex supplies can alert providers and patients during the delivery of care. Putting a visible color-coded band on patients that have any allergies can help protect and prevent any harm.
Coming to this class, I had an idea about healthcare and how to improve the delivery of healthcare due to my profession. Still, this class has given me a broader and better insight on quality and the importance of utilizing performance targets and quality improvement programs to identify and prevent any issues within the facility. The knowledge gained through this course will help me inform and help others if the need arises.

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