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A Message for ET 11 unread reply.11 reply. As you’ve seen in this weeks lectures

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A Message for ET
11 unread reply.11 reply.
As you’ve seen in this weeks lectures and video, there are many hurdles to overcome when developing a message that will actually be able to be understood and decoded on the far side. 
You have been tasked with designing humanities next message designed for extra-terrestrials.    You can respond to this assignment in any way you’d like (e.g. Video? Audio? Interpretive Dance? Cat Pictures? etc.  [but don’t hand draw…]) but you must accomplish the following four things:
I want your message to convey that:
Humans are from planet Earth
Earth is the third planet from Sol
The date of the launch (done in a way that does not require understanding of dates / e.g. don’t just put Jan 3rd on a slide – aliens won’t understand what that means)
Any personal message of your choice
(note:  It must do all four things)
No written language or spoken words of any kind can be used. 
Keep in mind that your audience will have no frame of reference, their own cultural interpretations, and may not even have bodies…  Try to step outside yourself and imagine you are the alien.  What might you understand?  Try to be creative.  We’ve learned several things in this course so far that might help give you some ideas – but there are many many other ways you can go. 
Please don’t just tell me about your message, you have to try to make it in some way.
– ALSO – Please include a short paragraph on your entry that describes the thought process behind your message!
Once you have posted your own, comment on two of your classmates messages and give them a bit of feedback on what worked and what did not.  I had a 30 year NASA veteran in this course a few terms back and he wrote me beforehand suggesting this was a silly assignment… till he tried it.  After, he wrote me back that it had been the hardest assignment in the whole course…  but the funnest!
I agree!

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