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a) The 2 perspectives of Consumer Culture Theory (CCT) and Practice Theories of

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a) The 2 perspectives of Consumer Culture Theory (CCT) and Practice Theories of consumption take on different, but also somewhat similar views on why and how we consume. Describe how the consumption of specific products and/or brands is understood from these two theoretical perspectives and discuss the underlying differences AND similarities.
b) Pick a consumption practice or phenonemon of your choice. Describe it briefly (!).  Then, use both, the Consumer Culture Theory perspective AND Practice Theory lens to analyze and critically discuss how the consumption practice/phenomenon of your choice can be seen from a (un)sustainable standpoint. Which perspective is more informative to you and why?
Marketing, markets and performativity
a) Market(ing) practices: Choose a specific marketing activity and describe and discuss how this activity can be understood from a market practice approach and how it contributes to shape markets.
b) Marketing performativity and consumption: Describe the role of marketing in our society and, based on the notion of performativity, discuss how marketing may influence contemporary consumption.

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