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After graduating from school, you are fortunate to receive an offer as an assist

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After graduating from school, you are fortunate to receive an offer as an assistant manager of a marketing department in a company located in New York City, working for a fast-growing company that provides marketing support for companies. Your department specializes in marketing strategies for the Internet and currently consists of 10 people –you, your direct supervisor (the manager of the department), and eight (8) marketing associates I.e., you work in the “Internet Marketing Department for a marketing firm) . Your job is to help the manager lead the unit to develop long-term strategies for your unit, to maintain excellent customer service with your clients, and to strive to build future business opportunities. The marketing associates in your department work a very flexible schedule and are often offsite, working with the clients at their locations to help develop marketing campaigns to improve their business presence, and performance via the Internet. 
After being on the job a short while, you realize that you really need to create another position to help make sure all the necessary work gets completed on time. Essentially, while you and your manager are focusing on the long-term interests of the department and the associates are working very hard to help the clients, many of the administrative aspects of the work are falling by the wayside. For example, no one is currently tracking accounts payable from clients or handling accounts payable to your service providers (this is light accounts payable, such as processing associates travel and accommodations expenses). As a result, you are spending time on these tasks that are beyond your job expectations. In addition, you are spending an increasing amount of time making travel arrangements, such as booking hotels and arranging transportation for your staff. After you talk with the manager of your unit, she agrees that something needs to change to allow you to devote your time to more of the strategic issues in the unit, and she permits you to create a new position to help out in your department. Your challenge now is to determine what this position will be.
What job would you create? (i.e., what would be the job title?) Why?
What are the key tasks and responsibilities this employee would be expected to perform
What are the employee competencies needed for this position? Why?
How much would you pay this person (decipher compensation)? Why?
What  challenges would you expect in filling this? How would you overcome these challenges?
400 word minimum on your initial post, and 200 word minimum on your response to your classmate’s post 

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