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A rhetorical analysis analyzes and evaluates how well an author attempts to reach, maybe even influence, an audience. You will locate an interesting text (it can be written, visual or oral) and analyze it according to the way the text uses rhetorical effects and strategies to make its argument. You will use specific textual evidence to establish an argument (i.e., thesis) about how the text “works.” Your role is that of a critic, providing an audience of your peers a way of understanding the measure of persuasive effect by analyzing the rhetorical situation.
Your final draft should be 4 double-spaced pages, using 11 or 12 pt. font and 1” margins. When citing outside sources, follow MLA format.
In your draft, identify the text, the rhetor, the audience, and the message, along with any relevant background information. You should include a thesis statement that states whether the text constitutes a fitting response and why. The body of the essay should address how effectively the text appeals to its intended audience.
Each paragraph should include a topic sentence addressing one of the available means of persuasion: the rhetorical appeals (ethos, pathos, logos), multimedia elements of the text (if applicable), or genre. Refer to specific moments in the text (using quotes and other concrete details) as evidence of how the rhetor uses rhetorical strategies. Remember that your job is not to summarize the text for your readers. Your job is to evaluate the text by analyzing these details and making an argument about their rhetorical effect.
Finally, conclude by arguing how these elements work together to achieve a fitting response.
Your rhetorical analysis should:
make a claim (a thesis) about the effectiveness of an interesting, potentially persuasive text;
identify the rhetor, intended audience, message, and intended purpose of the text;
assess the text’s employment of available means;
evaluate the text as a fitting response through sufficient textual evidence and analysis.

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