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ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY What is an annotated bibliography? An annotated bibliogra

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What is an annotated bibliography? An annotated bibliography is just like your work cited page, but more information is added. Each citation is followed by a summary (explaining what the article is about) and a statement that describes how you can use the information in your essay. Also include a sentence telling how you know the source is reliable.
For this assignment, you will complete an annotated bibliography. If you would like to complete this assignment using sources for your final essay, it would be helpful and you will get a head start on the final essay. The requirements for final essay will be posted on December 6; however, you will select your own argumentative topic, These topics are off limits: Abortion, gay marriage, capital punishment, gun control, legalization of marijuana and assisted suicide. To get a list of possible topics, visit the Opposing Viewpoints database or use this link:
You will need your OCC login information to access the above link.
You also have the option to complete this assignment based on four random articles in the library’s database on any topic of interest. Keep in mind, this will not help you prepare for your final essay. If you keep your next paper in mind when completing the annotated bibliography, once you are ready to start your essay, your research will already be done.
You will complete an entry on your annotated bibliography for at least four sources in relation to your final argumentative essay. There are three parts of an annotated bibliography.
1. Your citation information
2. A summary of the article or book
3. How this source can be used to strengthen your argument. Also add a sentence explaining how you confirmed that this is a reliable source.

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