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ANSWER ALL PARTS – there are ​3​ Parts Part 1 – From the text, The American Read

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ANSWER ALL PARTS – there are ​3​ Parts
Part 1 –
From the text, The American Reader – pick ​ONLY ​THREE 3 of the following readings and write at least 1/2 (one-half) page typed double-spaced on each (explain the background and the significance of the reading – also comment on the author):
For each also discuss the main points that you learned from each of the 3 readings. (if you don’t have the text, these readings can be located on the internet)
Martin Luther King, Jr. – The March on Washington (p. 578)
John Brown – Last Statement to the Court (p. 224)
Frederick Douglass – Independence Day Speech at Rochester (202)
Learned Hand – The Spirit of Liberty (498)
Douglas MacArthur – Duty, Honor, Country (540)
John F. Kennedy – Inaugural Address (549)
Part 2 – 
Please watch th​ese​ video​s​–
​What was Proh​ibition?
​When was it enacted and how was it repealed? ​Provide details. 
What did you learn from the videos?
Part ​3​ – ​Please read and listen to the audio interview.​
What was the Anthology of Folk Music? 
Discuss what you learned from the interview. Please provide details
What was the issue with three of the tracks that were removed from the anthology?

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