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ANSWER SHEET FOR SLAVERY UNIT Simply compare these questions to the sections in

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Simply compare these questions to the sections in the Slavery Unit, and answer based upon your analysis.
Slave Trade: 1788
Summarize the main points about the Slave Trade as noted in the article:
Aboard a Slave Ship, 1829
When did Britain and America ban the foreign slave trade into their respective countries? Is there an irony that America was still a slave-legal country, even though the importation of slaves had been banned?
How many total slaves were stowed on the ship, and how were they packed in the Hold?
According to the Report, what was the condition of the slaves, as observed when they were finally allowed on deck? How did the reporting officer react emotionally to what he saw when water was offered to the slaves?
Slave Auction, 1850
How and why did the slaves on the auction block try to sell themselves to potential buyers?
In Washington DC was the largest continuous slave auction site in America. It was very much like the one you just read, in fact. How might visitors to America who had to pass through the slave auctions, and who had heard of America’s belief that “All Men are Created Equal,” have thought of the slave auction process>
Sociology for the South, Excerpts: Negro Slavery. George Fitzhugh 1854
According to Fitzhugh, what is the nature (character) of the African-American in the United States? Why, in his opinion, is slavery justified and good for people of African Descent?
John Brown’s Raid, 1859
For what reason did John Brown and his supporters pick Harper’s Ferry to attack, and what were their overall goals?
What does John Brown’s Raid in 1859 show about the level of tension between pro and anti-slavery factions in the South?
Speech by Stephen Douglas on Slavery and the Constitution: 1859
According to Douglas, is it possible or desirable for the Federal Government to adopt and all slavery or all free country, or should states keep their individual rights to be free or slave states?
In his speech, what does Douglas say will happen to local environments if slaves are freed (what sorts of things will change?
What does the fact that Douglas is making these arguments, and that the people are listening and responding so favorably, show the fear that many Americans had regarding ‘equality’ between whites and blacks by 1859?
Lincoln on Slavery and Human Rights 1859:
How does Lincoln balance his views of slavery with that of Equality? Is this surprising to you in any way?
Why might Lincoln have this particular opinion?

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