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Answer them in 4-6 sentences. Answer with question number next to it please. 1.

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Answer them in 4-6 sentences. Answer with question number next to it please.
1. Why is the US Constitution so important to American businesses? What function did the American judicial system play in creating an environment for business success in early America?
2. What event led to the dramatic increase of government in the United States? What political movement formed as a reaction to this event? What are some famous examples of programs instituted and projects completed during this time? Were these programs successful?
3. Is lobbying an inherently bad thing? What resources do businesses have when they try to lobby government? What resources do typical citizens have when they lobby government? Why are some people critical of the current system?
4. Are government deficits an inherently bad thing? What is the argument for running deficits? What government power (and policy area) makes them different from businesses or households when they take on debt?
5. Why do governments regulate businesses? What are some competing theories? What are some commonly cited values that cause governments to intervene in the marketplace?
6. Describe the system of corporate governance in the US. Who holds power in theory and who holds the power in practice?
7. What are some examples of monopolistic companies or practices today? Why aren’t current antitrust policies as effective today?
8. Why does the government tax paychecks? What is this money used for and why were payroll taxes implemented in the first place?
9. What is the tradeoff between policy stability and responsiveness? Why do businesses appreciate stable and predictable government policies?
10. Nike and other brands have begun to align their product branding with political movements. Why do companies choose to promote political messages?

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