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Application Assignment 2 – Krebs on Security This application assignment involve

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Application Assignment 2 – Krebs on Security
This application assignment involves investigating two recent cybersecurity topics/events covered on the website presents the latest news and investigative reports on cybersecurity. This site is managed by Mr. Brian Krebs, who worked as a reporter for The Washington Post from 1995 to 2009 authoring over 1,000 blog posts for the Security Fix blog and well over 200 articles for The Washington Post newspaper and 
Select two articles from the Website–one that details an information security concern and one that explains a new cybersecurity skill or knowledge.  The articles must have been published in the last six months.  For each of the two articles, you will then go find another article on the same topic from outside the site.  Referencing both articles (e.g., the one from Krebs and the one from somewhere else), your job is to provide a summary of the topic–largely in your own words–explaining how you as a cybersecurity professional would use/apply the information.  Limit your writeups to no more than one page for each of the two topics.  When complete, submit your two writeups as a single Word document via the submission functionality.
To summarize, this assignment involves identifying two articles from–one related to an information security concern and one related to a new security skill or knowledge base.  For each of the two articles, find one other article about the topic from somewhere else, providing you with two perspectives on the same topic.  Then, for each of the two topics you identified, write up a one page summary that incorporates information from both articles (the Krebs one and the non-Krebs one) you found.  Submit the separate writeups via a single, two-page document that clearly delineates between the two different writeups.  

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