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As a healthcare facility manager, what do you think would be the greatest limiti

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As a healthcare facility manager, what do you think would be the greatest limiting factor in financial statement analysis? Would this be different if you were an investor? Why?
When it comes to being a health care facility manager you have many responsibilities as you manage your facility. While all aspects of your role in this management position are important understanding and knowing your financial position and how you stand financially is important as well. We know there are different statements that go into a financial analysis and being a health care facility manager, it is your job to understand those analysis’s. One limitation that managers can or will encounter when it comes to the financial statement analysis would be that the information that is usually covered in these analysis’s is numbers and finances for a facility that have happened is looked at and documented in the past. To understand your financial position and where you stand it is important for you to look at your finances in the present. When you look at the past while it does show you where you need to improve it also does not allow for you to make the changes in the real time. When you look at your financial analysis in the present time it will allow you to see what is going on and what you can do to change it. It also helps with looking at your finances in the future as well. This is important to your investors. When investing into a company or facility the investors may want to look at your financial statements from the past, but as an investor they want to see where you stand currently as a facility and what the future holds for your facility before they invest in your company. Like I said that past can tell a lot from what went on with the company, but you want to be able to see what is going on currently within your health care facility and well as see what the future holds for your company as well. 

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