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As described in the course syllabus, the paper is a synthesis of the individual

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As described in the course syllabus, the paper is a synthesis of the individual student’s experiences in his/her particular health care environment and the issue of burnout among healthcare professionals.Paper will be eight pages in length/content (not including reference page).
Paper may be longer than eight pages.
3. From your experiences, observations and interactions with patients, family members and health care professionals at your internship location, comment on the issue of burnout among healthcare professionals. Why does burnout occur?
4. Relay specific examples from your internship experiences to illustrate your points. For example, what happens in the healthcare environment when healthcare professionals experience burnout? How does this impact patient care? How does this impact the work environment?
5. A minimum of twelve references must be used (i.e. journal articles, book chapters, books etc.). References must be recent (drafted within the past ten years).
6 Use APA format for the paper. This includes citing references within the body of the paper and construction of the reference page.
7 Include a cover page with the following: title of paper, name, course number, date.
Use Times New Roman font (12 point). Use one inch margins. Use double spacing. Research paper should be free of typos, spelling and grammatical errors. Give your research paper an appropriate university level title

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