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As shared in lecture, the question for our unofficial 2021 Flame Challenge is: W

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As shared in lecture, the question for our unofficial 2021 Flame Challenge is: What is Global Warming?
As an introduction to this project, your Laboratory for the week is to research the Flame Challenge, watch the winning video entries from prior years, develop inspiration for your project, and then download and complete the Flame Challenge Worksheet below. You will turn-in your completed worksheet at the start of Lab #2 (when you go to lab sections during Week #3). The worksheet should be done individually, not with a lab partner. This worksheet is only worth 15 points and graded on good-faith effort. However, if you do not turn in a completed worksheet at the start of Lab #2 it will count as a missed lab!
I will provide you with a time-line, project specifics, and grading rubric for your submissions. For now, I just want everyone to start thinking about this project, which meets our science literacy requirement for non-science major courses. I am going to keep the project very broad to let everyone be creative and find the medium that best fits your background and method of communication. 
Resources to help you with your research:
Below is an article from Science Magazine, where Alan Alda explains the history and purpose of the Flame Challenge: (链接到外部网站。)
Five criteria to think about, from the audience perspective, when creating your answer to the question:
1) Did you learn much about Global Warming from this answer?
2) How interesting was this answer?
3) Was this answer clear or confusing?
4) Did this answer use words you understood?
5) Did this answer make you interested in learning more about Global Warming or Science?
The video below, by Neil deGrasse Tyson, is a GREAT place to start your inspiration for this project and reminds us why science literacy is so important:

Winning Video Entries from Prior Flame Challenges:

Below is the winning submission from our CHEM 1002 in 2018, which went on to become a finalist in the international contest!!

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