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As you can see, while there two topics, there are four  different basic thesis s

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As you can see, while there two topics, there are four  different basic thesis statements which could result from these prompts.  You may write for or against.  Please do not SAY that you are for or against.  Do NOT be overt.  Simply make a strong thesis statement which expresses your view and DO NOT say I believe or I think. 
When you are given a topic, you may be given the instructions that you can argue for or against it.  Read the question on the final exam carefully to see if the two choices are available for each question.  In theory this means you really have FOUR, not two possible theses on the final exam. 
In class we discussed common essay structures for five-paragraph (three body paragraph) essays.  Beginning with a full “concession” paragraph is an option, but in my opinion (do you see how I did that…I used in my opinion because I am addressing you directly, not writing an essay) – in my opinion, not a good one for a short essay.  It is better suited to a much longer form.  Ending with the concession is even more risky – unless you are certain to refute this counter idea and end with a solid and stronger restatement of your own argument.  The best option is to include a clause (half a sentence), a sentence, or a few brief sentences after your topic sentence in each paragraph where you acknowledge the other position, or in at least one of your paragraphs.  You then proceed to counter this with your own, more developed position.  This is also called “refutation.”
Reread any articles you wish for this class essay. You can only use material from the course pack for your resources.  Do not forget to use correct in-text citation forms, and make your reference list as accurately and close to the models given in the course pack as you can.
The thesis can be quite close to the original prompt, although you may paraphrase this (good idea).  I prefer the use of should, instead of must, but in this case, neither works or is necessary.  You may also include the three areas of support you intend to develop. In class I suggested that you begin your thesis statement with these ideas so that you can finish with a clear and forceful proposition.
You MUST use support taken from at least one reading for this assignment.  On the final exam, it would be a good idea to use a minimum of two, but possibly three different readings to help make your point.  This does not mean direct quotations, although you may consider using one direct quote.  The general ideas belong to you…perhaps you recently learned them but they do not belong to anyone. If you chose to use paraphrase, it is when you borrow a key idea from one of the texts.  Remember that the reading support YOUR idea.  It is not your job to summarize the readings.

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