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Assignment #6: Santa Fe Grill (SFG) Recommendations Carrying over some the resul

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Assignment #6: Santa Fe Grill (SFG) Recommendations
Carrying over some the results you generated in Assignment #5:
Survey respondents (n=405): 264 males and 141 females
Of recent customers, there were 253 SFG respondents and 152 Jose Southwestern respondents
Of SFG respondents (n=253) – Males 176; Females 77
Among the 253 SFG customers, the median (in lieu of mean) distance traveled was 1-5 miles. Frequencies were as follows: less than 1 mile – 86; 1-5 miles -76; and more than 5 miles – 91.
Respondents who saw a SFG ad in the past 6 months – 33%
Correlation (n=405) between fun and satisfaction is .21
Additional calculations:
1.12. + .67 (Satisfaction of SFG customers) = Likelihood of SFG customers to return
Regression equation above is significant at p<.01 R square is .63 QUESTIONS FOR THE ASSIGNMENT What conclusions can you draw regarding the demographics of SFG customers based on gender and distance traveled? (5 pts) In general, do you think Santa Fe’s ads have generated restaurant traffic? Any potential problem(s) you can cite with the data on advertising?  (5 pts) What conclusions can you draw regarding the relationship between likelihood to return and satisfaction with Santa Fe Grill given the R-square? (5 pts) Speculate on two reasons why SFG customers return to the restaurant due to their satisfaction? Discuss (5 pts)

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