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Assignment: Chapter 18 Critical Thingking Response for the chapter on Global Pro

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Assignment: Chapter 18 Critical Thingking Response for the chapter on Global Problems
You will read the chapter titled, Global Problems, which covers our content for this unit. It is very important  to read the entire chapter and pay close attention to the characteristics of global social problems that affect the entire world. At the end of this chapter there are 3 critically thinking questions located on page 425, where you will choose one question to type a three page answer and response. The concept sheets and the video can be a useful guide in helping you construct your answers.
Here are the questions:
1) What particular advantages do anthropologists have in trying to solve practical problems?
2) Select one of the Social Problems discussed in this chapter and suggest what you think could be done to reduce or eliminate it.
3) Do Global problems require solutions by Global Agencies? If so, which ones?
These questions lay a foundation for a position paper, argumentative paper, compare and contrast essay, and a critical response essay.
This assignment is a summative assessment  and can help examine a students proficiency at the end of a unit. It also aligns well with the course objectives of the class.
1) Read critically and communicate effectively as writers and speakers on the various cultures around the world, social organizations, and various lifestyles that exist on both local and global scales.
2) Explain the current perspectives in anthropology and demonstrate an anthropological and multidisciplinary approach to problem-solving by synthesizing behavioral science perspectives including anthropology, psychology, sociology, history, and political sciences.
3) Analyze the role of research methods in building anthropological knowledge and how different methods can change the outcome of your research and interpretation of it.
4) Critically and creatively evaluate and analyze social inequality, class stratification, social stratification and how these terms apply and relate to race, ethnic identity, power,  and hegemony and describe how anthropology can be used to understand global social problems.
5) Discuss and analyze the social and ethical implications and outcomes of gathering data while doing fieldwork and participant-observation. )
All of these objectives and outcomes are aligned with my content for unit one. All of the methods I provided above such as the utilizing an Ebook , concept sheets , videos, etc…directly tie to my overall student success in the class as well as a measure of assessment. I believe having different  methods of expressing content , can reach a variety of different students and learning styles. Students will  use the textbook/Ebook version , while others find the concept sheets effective for this assignment, but my overall content directly aligns with my objectives and outcomes.

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