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Assignment Content Now that you’ve assessed your business and identified your cu

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Assignment Content
Now that you’ve assessed your business and identified your customer profile, you need to craft your brand and share your branding message. There are many ways to share your ad, including in print, in person, on the Internet, through networking, or on the air.
To get to know your market and community, you recently attended a networking function in your geographic area and bumped into a radio producer that features small businesses on a local AM channel. His show focuses on new and upcoming businesses in the area.
This generous radio producer has given you an opportunity to do a short radio commercial to discuss your company brand and what it means to your customers.
Record a 30- to 45-second branding spot using an audio or video program of your choice.
Complete the following in your commercial:
Tell the audience the name of your small business.
Identify your Service Area.
Explain your company’s product(s) or service(s).
Distinguish your brand from the competition.
Develop your message using music, tone, and delivery when making your audio file.
If you choose to create a Microsoft Word PowerPoint for your commercial, you can add a voice-over narration to the presentation. Refer to this week’s Learning Activity, Wk 3 – Learn: Add a Voice-Over Narration to Your Presentation, for guidance. Then save the presentation and upload it to Blackboard.
You may also use your cell phone or any other audio recording application you wish. If you’re using your cell phone you can email the audio recording to yourself, save the file, and upload it to Blackboard.
Submit your assignment.

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