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Assignment Content Select one of the following categories to use for this assign

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Assignment Content
Select one of the following categories to use for this assignment:
Popular culture
Research your topic, and, within the context of this topic area…
Identify a particular segment of the media (such as newspapers, magazines, radio, TV, internet, motion pictures) and discuss how it has developed in recent years and how it influences decision-making in our society.
Discuss an issue of controversy surrounding this media and what you think will happen in the future.
(For example, if you select the business category and the internet, you may decide to focus on cyber security issues and the threats they pose for businesses and consumers. If you select politics and social media, you may decide to focus on how social media accounts controlled by people outside the United States played a role in influencing U.S. voters in the 2016 and 2020 Presidential elections. If you select magazines and popular culture, you may decide to focus on how magazines have been blamed for the erosion of formerly traditional values about marriage and family life.)
Create a horizontal or vertical timeline in which you present the bigger picture:
How did your chosen media segment evolve over the past 50 years?
List six major events that happened during that time period and are related to the category and specific issue chosen. Include the dates in chronological order.
Provide an overview of each of those events in one or two sentences.
Structure your assignment in a Microsoft® Word document using a table for the timeline.
Cite at least three sources in APA format to support your assignment. You may list the sources at the bottom of the document.
Proofread and edit your work to make sure it is organized well and is “businesslike and professional” in
appearance. There should be no copy errors of any kind (spelling, grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, etc.). For writing help, visit The Center for Writing Excellence or download and use Grammarly, a free program that can help
identify errors as you type.

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