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Assignment Description Automation testing is an important task that will help yo

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Assignment Description
Automation testing is an important task that will help you reduce the time it takes to execute a test case. In this assignment, you will install a trial version of an automation testing tool and then create automation test cases.
The automation testing process includes the following stages:
Select the appropriate tool.
Determine the test cases that should be automated.
Implement the automated test cases.
Record the test script.
Save the test script.
Execute and analyze the test results.
Please follow the step-by-step instructions and screenshots below to install the tool (Micro Focus, 2018):
Step 1: Use the search engine, and search for Unified Functional Testing Trial Version.
Step 2: The browser will take you to the Microfocus site.
Step 3: Enter all details and click “Free Trial.”
Step 4: Go to “All Products,” and click the UFT Download button.
Step 5: Click on the UFT Version_SetUp.exe file.
Step 6: It will take at least 10 minutes to download the .exe file.
Step 7: Click on the .exe file.
Step 8: Verify the path, and click “Next.”
Step 9: Click “Next.”
Step 10: Verify all of the prerequisites, and continue with installation.
Step 11: Click the Next button.
Step 12: Select “I accept the terms” in the License Agreement, and click “Next.”
Step 13: Select all of the add-ins, and click “Next.”
Step 14: Click “Next.”
Step 15: Click “Install.”
You can also use this PDF file for installation help.
Step 16: Once the installation is complete, open the tool and create the sample test.
Step 17: Follow this URL, and learn how to create an automated test for the Sample MyFlight application.
Step 18: You can use either the Calculator application from Unit 2 or the sample MyFlight application to create additional automated test cases.
Calculator application: Calculator executable file and source code file.
You need to create at least 4–5 automation test cases using either Sample MyFlight or the Calculator application.
Submit the following in a .zip file:
Output screenshot of UFT installation
Entire solution folder that contains 4–5 automation test cases

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