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Assignment Details: you chose a topic research topic and formed a research quest

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Assignment Details:
you chose a topic research topic and formed a research question (how can pilots avoid birds strikes?!). You will use this research question to complete this assignment, where your goal is to create an annotation for a source in APA Style. Annotated Bibliography Samples: 
Use this source: 
Keep in mind Annotations in APA Style have 4 parts:
A citation of the source in APA Style;
A summary of the source, discussing its thesis and conclusions for a full picture of the content;
An evaluation of the source (following the CAARP method) to determine quality, authority, reliability, etc.; and,
A reflection on the source, discussing your personal opinions/feelings towards it, the source’s relevance for your research question, and how would you actually use the information from this source.
Include the following information for the annotation:
Provide a correct APA citation for your source. 
Summarize the content of the source in at least 100 words. Discuss the author(s)’ thesis and conclusions, if applicable, to provide a good picture of the content.  (first paragraph)
Evaluate the source in a paragraph (with sentences) using the information you submitted for the Find A Source And Evaluate It assignment (based on the CAARP evaluation method). (second paragraph)
Reflect on the source: (third paragraph)
Did you enjoy the information from the source? Why or why not?
Was the source particularly helpful or interesting, or exciting? Why or why not?
Will you include this source in your research? Why or why not? How would you use this information?
(Don’t just say: “It talks about my topic.” Instead, tell me why you choose this particular source. What does it add to your existing research or your ideas on your topic? Does it give a good background? Does it show a need for further research? Think about your source and why you chose it, and write those details here.)
Do not include the prompts and questions from the bullet points above in your Annotation; instead it should be something like the file that I attached

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