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Assignment Final Exam; Financial Recommendations Lesson Seven: Final Exam “Finan

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Assignment Final Exam; Financial Recommendations
Lesson Seven: Final Exam “Financial Recommendation”  Assignment
Lesson Seven Final Exam Decision Recommendation is due Wednesday of course week 16 or course week 12 of the summer term. The Final Exam is a decision recommendation based on the following scenario, the provided Article. The student may use additional outside references. However, all reference materials. Cited all references. The Final Exam grade value is 200 points or 20% of the total course graded assignments. The objective of this assignment is for the student to analyze the Article using critical thinking skills and formulate a valued response. The desired outcome is an internal White Paper that uses the provided E-Cigarette article to recommend investments in the E-Cigarette Industry.
As a financial analyst for XYZ Financial, a medium investment firm considering several new investment opportunities. The Operations Manager asked for the pro and cons of the investment in the E-Cigarette Industry.
As a financial analyst, the task is to provide pros and cons, opinions, and recommendations on whether XYZ Financial should consider investing in E-Cigarette opportunities. Use the provided article to form the basis of the pros and cons and opinions/recommendations. Cite any references contained in the White Paper. Additionally, cite any recommendation comments not found in the article, explaining briefly in the discussion portion of the White Paper.
The purpose of the report is for the management staff to consider several investment opportunities in the E-Cigarette industry. The task is a four to five-page base recommendation (pros and cons) preceded by a short ES followed by a page break. It is essential to be precise and to the point. Show and explain data relied on to make recommendations (pro or con). The format of the report is: the recommendation section is the 1” margins, 12-point Times Roman font with 1.5 line spacing. The ES will use 1.0 line spacing followed by a page break.
The executive summary and decision recommendation white paper for the investment decision working group is due by the exam due date. Use the blackboard assignment link provided. Submit a white paper assignment as a Microsoft Word .doc document using the course naming criteria.
The Investment Decision Report must include the following components in this order:
Transmittal letter: to the decision-maker (for this purpose that is the Professor) —watch the video found in Lesson Tools for more information
Title Page: assignment title, plagiarism statement, and course information
Table of Content: use APA format
Executive Summary (ES): a short executive summary (ES) of the entire report —not to exceed (NTE) a one-page NTE five paragraphs/single-spaced and followed by a page break. 
ES should allow the decision-maker a final decision and use the remaining information found to make a final determination. only reads
These are the types of questions that a professional analysis should answer.
The ES is written after the recommendation portion is complete.
Introduction: Set the stage of the task
Body of the report to include heading and subheading: Lay the ground, following the conclusion.
Conclusion: Start as a summary recommendation for investment and end with a yes or no conclusion.
Reference page: With reference listed in APA format
Appendices: If necessary
JOURNAL ARTICLE: “E-Cigarette Marketing On Social Networking Sites” by Joe Phua. 

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