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Assignment: The Value of Professional Certifications Assignment: The Value of Pr

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Assignment: The Value of Professional Certifications
Assignment: The Value of Professional Certifications
Learning Objectives and Outcomes
Describe computer forensics-related certifications and their value to a computer forensic specialist.
Assignment Requirements
The following table lists certifications that are specific to the field of computer forensics.CertificationDescriptionEnCase Certified Examiner (EnCE) Certification www.guidancesoftware.comThis certification focuses on the use and mastery of system forensics using EnCase.AccessData Certified Examiner (ACE) www.accessdata.comThis certification is specific to use and mastery of Forensic Toolkit (FTK).EC Council Certified Hacking Forensic Investigator (CHFI) is a good general forensic certification, covering principles and techniques of forensics rather than specific tools.High Tech Crime Network (HTCN) Certifications www.htcn.orgThese certification are well designed. They include training in approved courses, a written test for each certification, and a review of the candidate’s work history.Global Information Assurance Certification (GIAC) Certifications provides several levels of certification. For this discussion:
Research the certifications listed in the table.
Determine one of the following:
A certification ladder that consists of three certifications for a beginning computer forensic specialist working for a private forensics firm. The certifications should begin at the easiest, most achievable level and increase in difficulty. Assume the firm uses EnCase software.
A certification ladder that consists of three certifications most useful to a computer forensic specialist working in law enforcement. Assume the agency uses FTK.
Write a report that explains the following:
The scenario you chose.
The certification ladder you feel is most valuable.
Justification for your selections.
Required Resources
Course textbook
Submission RequirementsFormat:Microsoft WordFont:Arial, Size 12, Double-SpaceCitation Style:Follow your school’s preferred style guideLength:1-2 pages
Self-Assessment Checklist
I researched the provided list of certifications.
I selected a certification scenario.
I created a certification ladder for a computer forensic specialist for the selected scenario.
I wrote a report in which I described the certification ladder and justified my selections.

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