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Assignment An understanding of cells and cell behavior is a critically important

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An understanding of cells and cell behavior is a critically important component of disease diagnosis and treatment. But some diseases can be complex in nature, with a variety of factors and circumstances impacting their emergence and severity.
Effective disease analysis often requires an understanding that goes beyond isolated cell behavior. Genes, the environments in which cell processes operate, the impact of patient characteristics, and racial and ethnic variables all can have an important impact.
An understanding of the signals and symptoms of alterations in cellular processes is a critical step in the diagnosis and treatment of many diseases. For APRNs, this understanding can also help educate patients and guide them through their treatment plans.
In this Assignment, you examine a case study and analyze the symptoms presented. You identify cell, gene, and/or process elements that may be factors in the diagnosis, and you explain the implications to patient health.
To prepare:
By Day 1 of this week, you will be assigned to a specific case study for this Case Study Assignment. Please see the “Course Announcements” section of the classroom for your assignment from your Instructor.
The Assignment (1- to 2-page case study analysis)
Develop a 1- to 2-page case study analysis in which you:
•    Explain why you think the patient presented the symptoms described.
•    Identify the genes that may be associated with the development of the disease.
•    Explain the process of immunosuppression and the effect it has on body systems.
A mother brings her 6-month-old daughter to the HCP for evaluation of possible colic. The mother says the baby has had many episodes of crying after eating and, despite having a good appetite, is not gaining weight. The mother says the baby’s belly “gets all swollen sometimes.” The mother says the baby tastes “salty” when the mother kisses the baby. Further work up reveals a diagnosis of cystic fibrosis. The mother relates that her 23-month-old son has had multiple episodes of “chest congestion” and was hospitalized once for pneumonia. The mother wants to know what cystic fibrosis is and she also wants to know if she should have any more children.
Important notice:
Week one discussion will also be your week two case study analysis. Please be sure that you read through the week two case study analysis materials in order to know what is needed to fulfill the assignment.
Please be mindful of the rubric for the assignment. It is critical to your development that you understand the significance of learning how to integrate your critical thought and analysis specific to the case scenario presented. While there is not a real person in front of you, the specifics of the case scenario are representative of how a patient may present to you. Please be sure that as you answer the writing prompts from the rubric, that you are very clear and concise in your response to the rubric content.
The page length of notes 1 to 2 pages, however, it is very difficult at this stage (the beginning of the course), For you to write a thorough and complete analysis of the case scenario. I do not takeoff points for assignments that go over two pages. Please do not let this be a hindrance to your completion of thoroughly completing the assignment, which should reflect your critical thought and analysis of the writing assignment.

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