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AT LEAST 3 references from assigned class readings. (2 point) Your support of yo

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AT LEAST 3 references from assigned class readings. (2 point)
Your support of your position on the topic. (3 points)
If you are critical of a position, present alternative positions and provide evidence for your position. 
If you are in support of a position, detail what beliefs led you to support this position.
Critical analysis (7 points)
Possible questions to demonstrate critical analysis:
How do the readings highlight the issue?
How did the readings have help you re-think old ideas, beliefs or actions?
What questions have been generated for you and why these questions are important to your practice and to your life?
How can you use these ideas in your professional practice or personal life?
How has your thinking changed given the readings?
Discuss implications for social work practice. 
How do your own identities and knowledge/ experience around oppression/ privilege shape your reactions and learning process in relation to this issue?
Critical analyses will be graded on the quality and depth of your thinking.  These analyses must be free of typographical errors.  Margins should be no larger than 1-inch on each side of the page.  If referring to readings, you must use APA style from the American Psychological Association Publication Manual.>>>> 
(15 points each, for a total of 30 points of final grade)
In order to deepen your process of learning in this course, I want you to spend some time critically reflecting on the class discussions and the readings by writing 2 critical analysis papers. These should serve as a log of your own experiences and critical reactions to the class exercises, discussions, readings and assignments. Topics will be assigned during the first class.
You will be required to turn in a 2 to 3 page, typed, double-spaced critical analysis (see Course Outline for due dates).  Do not summarize what is in the readings.  Rather, apply the readings to your practice and/or to experiences in your life. The important thing to remember is that the critical analysis allows you an opportunity to reflect upon your experiences, to learn about yourself, and to learn from others.  Critical analyses will be handled in a confidential manner.
These analyses will not be graded for their descriptions of what you are learning (everyone will learn differently).  Instead, they will be graded for their completeness and for their depth of insight and reflection.  The reasons a student might receive an analysis with points deducted are: a) failure to address substantively the points below; b) poor writing – errors in grammar, spelling, etc.; c) lack of self-reflection; d) merely repeating content of the readings; e) handing in the analysis late; f) failure to discuss the readings.

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