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Before completing this Journal reflection, be sure you have watched the NPR podc

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Before completing this Journal reflection, be sure you have watched the NPR podcast interview with Dr. Chenjerai Kumanyika that is posted in this module. Then, reflect on the following questions in your journal entry, writing at least one full paragraph for each question.
The interview with Dr. Chenjerai Kumanyika provides context for policing in the United States. After reviewing the tools in the Cognitive Toolkit, identify a tool that seems like it could be helpful to you in making sense of these events and this context. Define the tool in your own words and discuss its relevance to understanding the material covered in the podcast.
The narratives about the situation, including media narratives, casual conversations, and your own understanding of events, might be different. Engage in the self-awareness tool, identify your perspective on the issue and the reasons for your perspective. Try to pick apart and explain why this is your position.
NPR Podcast on the History of Policing in the US
(Links to an external site.)
Listen to this brief interview with Professor Chenjerai Kumanyika of Rutgers University about the history of policing in the United States. Reflect on Dr. Kumanyika’s contextualization of the current resistance and uprisings about police violence vis-a-vis a history of policing and its role in this country. Think about the historical relationships and events discussed here, and how they connect with current policy decisions.

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