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Beginning in the 1770s, an “Age of Revolution “ swept through the Atlantic World

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Beginning in the 1770s, an “Age of Revolution “ swept through the Atlantic World. These were inspired in different ways by the political and philosophical ideas of the Enlightenment. The goal of every revolution is change, but not every revolution succeeds in creating change that is lasting, or that makes life better for everyone in society. In this milestone, you’ll research a revolution and draw some conclusions about that revolution’s ultimate outcome.
5-7 paragraph essay and APA style reference list.
First, choose one revolution to study:
French Revolution
Haitian Revolution
American Revolution
List of suggested sources for ALL three revolutions
Then, in a 5-7 paragraph essay, answer the following questions using detail and evidence. Be sure to cite all of your evidence using APA in-text citations and an APA format reference list at the end:
Provide some background on the revolution you chose (1-2 paragraphs):
When did it begin and how?
What circumstances or key events led to the outbreak of revolution?
In what ways did the political ideas and philosophies of the Enlightenment contribute to the outbreak of revolution? (1 paragraph)
What were some key events or turning points in this revolution? Be sure to identify at least three key moments, providing factual detail and an explanation for why each moment was significant. (1-2 paragraphs)
Finally, consider, how did this revolution impact various groups of people in different ways — was this revolution “revolutionary” from everyone’s perspective? (1-2 paragraphs)To answer this, you must consider :
What were the CAUSES of the Revolution?
Who were the LEADERS?
What were some of the key EVENTS of the Revolution?
What were some of the competing IDEAS or BELIEFS that led to the conflict?
Were there key DOCUMENTS or PAMPHLETS that fed the revolution?
What were the results, consequences?  
Put yourselves in the shoes of those who lived through this revolution – did the revolution bring positive change for everyone, or did some people lose, some people win, and some people come out the same as before? 
Due Date: (Midnight Sunday 1/31. 2021).

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