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Below are a variety of discussion topics related to chapters 14 and 15. Choose o

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Below are a variety of discussion topics related to chapters 14 and 15. Choose one of these topics thoroughly address all aspects of that item in at least 2-3 well-written paragraphs
Chapter 14 – Reducing Stigma. The # 1 reason that people do not seek treatment for mental health problems is stigma (the negative attitudes and beliefs directed towards people with mental illness which can lead to discrimination). The best way to combat stigma is to start conversations about mental illness. Watch Sangu Delle’s Ted Talk. In your post, discuss your reaction to Sangu’s Ted Talk. Discuss some ideas about what you can personally do to help reduce stigma. If you know of any online or community resources for helping to reduce stigma or for helping someone with a mental health problem please share it in your post (e.g., one of my favorite resources is the free national suicide prevention lifeline Remember that this is a public forum (and not confidential) so we encourage you to refrain for sharing extremely personal stories.
Chapter 14 – What is abnormal behavior? Imagine you just moved to a new neighborhood and you are out walking your dog. As you approach a new neighbor to introduce yourself, the neighbor screams, drops the bag of groceries they are carrying (leaves them on the ground), and runs into their house. You notice that your neighbor reacts like this when you are with your dog, but the neighbor is friendly and calm when you are without the dog. You find out that this neighbor is upset that you live next door with a dog and has chosen to move away. Do you think your neighbor’s behavior is abnormal or normal? Why or why not? In your post, you must name and describe the definitions of abnormality discussed in Chapter 14 (in your own words) and apply these concepts to this example.
Chapter 15 – Therapy Approaches: You have a friend who is experiencing significant depression. Your friend has stopped hanging out with friends, quit their job, and dropped out of school. Your friend wants to go to therapy but doesn’t know what type of therapist to see and does not know what type of psychotherapy to seek out. Based on your knowledge of the different theoretical approaches presented in Chapters 1 and Chapters 15, what would you recommend for your friend and why (psychodynamic, behavioral, cognitive, person-centered)? In your post and in your own words, describe the approach to psychotherapy that you would suggest for your friend, explain what this approach is and why you are suggesting it for your friend with depression over the others.
Chapter 15 – Importance of Culture in Psychotherapy: : As we learned in Chapter 14, a behavior that may be viewed as abnormal in one culture can be seen as perfectly normal in another culture. Thus, a good therapist recognizes the importance of a client’s cultural background, honoring these unique but “normal” cultural tendencies within the context of treatment. In your post fully answer the following questions in your own words: Do you think it is essential for a therapist to have the same cultural background as the client for psychotherapy to be effective? Why or why not? Within the United States, one of the most visible markers of those who seek psychotherapy is race, where a very large proportion of clients are white. What do you believe are some barriers for nonwhites seeking or entering into therapy? In your post, be sure to describe 2-3 key terms from Chapter 15 (e.g., therapeutic alliance, cultural competence, and cultural self-awareness) and how they relate to your response.

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