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book- Black Theology & Black Power by James H.Cone 50th anniversary edition Inst

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book- Black Theology & Black Power by James H.Cone 50th anniversary edition
The link to submit the final essay exam will be up Monday December 7-13.   Absolutely no late final exams will be accepted.. Please do not send late essays by email as they will be deleted unopened. Please pretty please heed this notice. 
For the final essay exam, select three chapters from our textbook Black Theology & Black Power by James H.Cone 50th anniversary edition. and write an essay between 1000 and  1200 words–which is about 5-6 pages of double space) in which you discuss what you learned from these chapters  that most drew them to your attention. Your thesis statement  (last sentence of your first paragraph) should indicate which three chapters you will be discussing and the order in which you discuss them. Please make sure that you create an original title for your essay, that captures the gist of your thesis.  The name of the assignment is not the title for the essay.  Please read over your essay carefully, and if you think it wise, have someone look over your essay as well before you submit it.  Do not quote outside sources. This is NOT a research paper. It is a test in the form of an essay. 
Your essay exam must have:
–An original title that is not underlined and is not in italics. 
–Your essay just be double spaced, 
–Your essay must have indented paragraphs
–Your essay must have (1) an introduction paragraph that contains the thesis statement in the last sentence of this first paragraph; (2) developing paragraphs in which you discuss each of the three chapters you chose to focus on, and (3) a concluding paragraph. 
–Please do spell check and please consider reading your essay out  loud to yourself to catch any errors. 

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