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CHAPTER ONE:  Students read the chapter first. 1.    Define developmentally appr

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CHAPTER ONE:  Students read the chapter first.
1.    Define developmentally appropriate.        2. Explain why there is a need for DAP.
Chang is having trouble sitting through the through the story that the teacher is reading at circle time. The teacher knows the following things about Chang.
He is 3 years old,
This is Chang’s first day in the program.
Chang and his family have recently arrived in the United States from South Korea.
Based on your understanding of the principles of DAP, identify which of these pieces of information is important for teacher to consider in deciding how to best support Chang, and explain how the
information you select relates to each principle.  Explain how the concept of judgment will influence your approach to working with Chang.
1.   Jack and Jerome are both five years old. Jack’s language development is more advanced than Jerome’s. Jerome is more physically coordinated and stronger than Jack. These children illustrate which developmental principle?
(a).  Normative sequence          (b).    Holistic development             (c)  Variation of rates          (d).  Cumulative and delayed effects
2.    Which of the following children is demonstrating active learning?  ____________.
(1),    Tom is talking to himself as he tries to solve a problem.         ( 2).    LaTesha is counting each jump as she jumps rope.          (3).    Raymond is wandering around the room, looking for something to do.
(a).      Tom, LaTesha and Raymond
(b).      Tom only
(c).       Tom and LaTesha, but not Raymond
(d).      LaTesha and Raymond only
3.    Which of the following scenarios provides an example of scaffolding?
(a).  A teacher reading a story book to a group of children.    (b).  Two three-year-old playing  side by side in water table.    (c).   A kindergartner rolling out balls of modeling dough.
(d).    A first-grad child encouraging a three-year-old to name farm animals in a picture book.
4.   The teacher says,” Corey, I’m so glad to see you. Here’s a place for you next to Austin.” this is an example of which teaching strategy?
(a).     Scaffolding    (b).   Guided Practice       (c),     Invitation    (d).   Behavior reflection  
5.    Why do teachers offer a variety of small group activities for children every day?
(1).    The children will be at different development levels.      (2).   The children will be coming from different cultural backgrounds.   (3).   Different children will be interested in different subjects,
(4).    The children will use the activities to learn more than one skill at a time.
(a).   1,2,3, and 4            (b).   1 and 2        (c) .  3               (d). 1,2, and 3

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