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Choose a news report on a current event rather than a broad summary from an expe

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Choose a news report on a current event rather than a broad summary from an expert on some topic, so it serves as an opportunity to learn about real-world organizations rather than repeating the content in the book. Select an article that is not more than 2 months old (from the presentation date) from a reputable news source (ex. Wall Street Journal, CNBC, Financial Times, Fortune, PBS, the Economist, NPR, Time, Harvard Business Review, The Washington Post, BBC, New York Times, Reuters, Fox News, CNN, etc.) If your article’s source is not listed above, please confirm the article with me first. You might consider the reliability of your news source in your selection ( Upload a link for your article to the Discussion Board on BlackBoard to prevent duplicate presentations. You will need to include a link to the article you present with your 2 page typed summary.
Please prepare a 5-minute presentation  1) summarizing the article and 2) explaining how it relates to OB. It might be important to put a news story in a broader context, or indicate how it is relevant to what we are covering in class. The use of slides and visual aids are strongly encouraged. 
Please submit a two-page document. first page is a 1-page summary of the article and the second page is a 1-page discussion of the article’s relevance for organizational behaviour. You will need to turn in a link of the article you present along with your 2-page typed summary. 
Please prepare a presentation and also write the summery as stated above

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