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Class characteristics are very useful to eliminate a person from being the suspe

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Class characteristics are very useful to eliminate a person from being the suspect in an investigation. If a shoe impression is clearly a size 12 men’s shoe and the person who may be involved wears a size 8 shoe, even though the soles may be the same pattern, clearly the footwear impression made by the suspect cannot have been from the shoes of the person being interviewed. In the same consideration, if a suspect has 8 pairs of shoes and is a size 12, but only one pair has Panama Soles—the pattern left by the suspect at the scene—then only one pair of shoes needs to be examined (the one with the Panama Soles—the most common sole pattern in the United States).
Research the following points, and write a 4–6-page paper fully explaining each point:
State and explain why evidence must be relevant to a case being investigated to be admitted into court. Cite 2 items of evidence that would likely be considered irrelevant as evidence, and explain why they would be irrelevant. 
In the United States, there are forensic databases that are accessible to law enforcement and corrections to assist in identifying unknown persons. Name 3 of them. 
In the Combined DNA Index System (CODIS) there are two specific indices. One pertains to forensics and the other to offenders. Explain the two different indexes and what they do.

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