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COMM SKILLS FOR CRIMINAL JUSTICE  Do you think that abbreviations should be less

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Do you think that abbreviations should be less commonly used on report forms in order to avoid confusion?  Do you think that abbreviations will ever be eliminated on forms or do you think that they will always be used as they are a time saver when writing reports?   
You will choose a current events that ties to sociological issues or social problems surrounding issues in our society such as race, ethnicity, gender, social class, politics, religions, etc.
The article that you choose can be from any reputable newspaper, magazine, or news website. This current event must be published within the last three months.
From here you will explain the event and use your sociological perspective to analyze this current event. Include a sociological analysis (using at least 4 sociological concepts, definitions, or terms such as race, gender, or social class from our e-Text.
You will also use one sociological theory that explains this issue best, conflict theory, functionalism, feminist theory, symbolic interactionism.
Your essay will be 3 pages in length utilizing APA format. Your total work should be 4-6 pages long with a Title and Reference page.) Spacing: Double-spaced. Font: 12.
Why do various racial and ethnic categories of the U.S. population have different social standing? Make sure that you also tie in examples from the readings to back up your response, leave the citation as well.  
The incomes of men and women differ significantly.  Why? (Don’t forget to back up your writing with the readings.) 

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