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Comparative analysis of NIGERIA and ICELAND on Child Mortality (under 5 deaths).

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Comparative analysis of NIGERIA and ICELAND on Child Mortality (under 5 deaths).
Detailed assessment guidelines:
Introduce your comparative case study of two countries relating to your selected area of social policy and social welfare. 
Critically discuss general principles and problems regarding comparative analysis and introduce your method of comparative analysis and the analytical dimensions of your comparative analysis. (about 600 words)
Offer a brief overview of theoretical approaches which can analyse/have been applied to your chosen area of social policy/social welfare. (about 400 words)
Select one theory which you would like to apply to your comparative case study. Provide an in-depth and critical discussion of your chosen theory (about 1000 words)
Compare and analyse your chosen topic in two countries. Use your chosen analytical dimensions to structure your comparative case study. (about 1000 words)
Apply your chosen theory to your comparative case study. Analyse to what extent your selected theory can be applied to your chosen social issue/policy area. Discuss to what extent the current policies reflect your theoretical approach. Identify (potential) shortcomings of your theoretical approach in explaining the social issue/policy area in the two countries. Introduce another theory which might be able to overcome these limitations. (about 1000 words)
Discuss how your chosen theory and the second theory which you introduced might help to improve countries’ policies. (about 500 words) 
Summarise and identify further areas of research which might elaborate your comparative case study. (about 300 words) 
Make sure that you substantiate all of your assumptions with the existing literature and use Harvard referencing throughout your assignment
1. Reference in Harvard standard. Page numbers of the journal/ article/ book must accompany in-text citation
2. 5000 words

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