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Competency Checklist and Professional Development Resources  An important and ye

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Competency Checklist and Professional Development Resources 
An important and yet often overlooked function of leadership in an early childhood program is the ability to positively influence the people in the program. For this group assignment, consider the characteristics of a leader who can support and lead teachers in reflective teaching. This type of self-reflection is the first step to understanding how a supervisor supports teachers to accomplish their goals through mentoring. For this assignment, your group will need to address the following two components:
Part 1: Consider the following question as your group completes the competency checklist below: What might be evidence that a teacher leader possesses the competence to also be a mentor? You are encouraged to evenly divide the competencies among your group, so that each member contributes to providing brief examples of interactions while highlighting the characteristic(s) that demonstrates each competency. While this portion can be completed independently, you should then collaborate to ensure that each group member provides feedback before submitting the full collaborative document.
Competency Checklist
Describe an example of a teacher-leader with children (when acting as a teacher)
Describe an example of a teacher-leader with adults (when acting as a supervisor)
Listens well, does not interrupt, and respects the pace of the other person
Is able to wait for others to discover solutions, form own ideas, and reflect
Asks questions that encourage details
Is aware of and comfortable with his or her feelings and the emotions of others
Is responsive to others
Guides, nurtures, supports, and empathizes
Integrates emotion and intellect
Fosters reflection or wondering by others
Is aware of how others’ reactions affect a process of dialogue and reflection, including sensitivity to bias and cultural context
Is willing to have consistent and predictable meeting times and places
Is flexible and available
Is able to form trusting relationships
Part 2: Professional Development Resources Document –Early childhood programs have numerous curriculum options which may contribute to a need to support teachers and staff in a curriculum context they are not familiar with. Therefore, as we prepare to support protégés, we can refer to the National Association of the Education of Young Children core standards for professional development, to promote the use of best practices. These six core standards, briefly describe what early childhood professionals should know and be able to do. After reading each of the NAEYC Standards for Early Childhood Professional Preparation Programs (Links to an external site.), focus on the first four standards:
Directions: Each group will be assigned a different standard and each member will add at least one resource (such as yearly conferences, websites, leaders in the field, articles, blogs, etc.) that support that specific core standard. The resources will be organized on the attached Google Spreadsheet (which will also record who is submitting each resource). Through this group and class collaborative effort, you will be able to add resources from multiple perspectives that you can later include in your own mentoring portfolio.Be sure to include any relevant information and the following:
the APA citation (article) or organization name/contact information (address, phone number, website).
a brief description of their services in supporting early childhood professionals in their own growth and development.
Carefully review the Grading Rubric (Links to an external site.) for the criteria that will be used to evaluate your assignment.

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