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Considering to be a owner of a Travel  Agency is simply fulfilling a long dream

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Considering to be a owner of a Travel  Agency is simply fulfilling a long dream since my early age, according to research conducted by the Travel Industry Association of  America (TIA ), each year, 1.3 trillion is generated in the industry in United States alone. Desire to travel on have always been in every household and doing the business bring opportunity for a great financial reward by bringing home a healthy wages. Owners can work from anywhere in the world.  I am very good in searching and helping friends and relative  to get the best deals whenever shopping, most especially online.
Many people love to deal with professionals in all industry to save much time and stress and if I bring this expertise into Travel Industry in a more creative way, I am very sure of success in the industry.
Name of Term Project
Student Name
Brief Introduction
•Give the audience a reason to be interested.
•Ask them about a situation / problem that they wish they had a solution for, and then explain how your Good, Service or Idea does so, briefly. (think Shark Tank)
Sample approaches:
•Such as, Don’t you wish that ________  ?  
•Or,  How often have you struggled with_________?
•Or, Wouldn’t this product be better if, _________?
Environmental Analysis
•Add 4-6 variables with clear explanation of relationship between the variables and their affect/influence on marketing decisions.
Your product can be one of the following.
•Create a new product
•Create a brand extension 
•Create a line extension
•Create a cobrand
Use the six forces in the outer ring for this slide
Description of Target Market
•Use 2+ segmentation variables for each:
•2 Demographic, 
•2 Psychographic, 
•2 Geographic, 
•2 Behavioral
•Clearly apply them to the target market.  Show the relationship between the variables and the target market. Include the value and usefulness of the product.
Marketing Mix
•Clearly describe the marketing mix 
Use at least 4-6 market segmentation variables.

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