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“Correlation does not equal causation” and yet much of what you read in the popu

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“Correlation does not equal causation” and yet much of what you read in the popular media suggest that people have conveniently forgotten this fact.  For this weeks discussion post, please think about things your have read or heard.  Find one item you located where someone has reported a correlation and either outright declared a causation or implied causation in their discussion of the research findings. If you have trouble thinking of ideas, consider either the alt right or alt left media.  In fact, just about anything reported as news on Facebook will probably misuse some type of correlation.  For that final point in the scoring make sur eyou include the weblink to the source.  You don’t need a source in your responses to peers.
Then, state what you found (with a reference for it so others can locate it) and then how a correlation was twisted into a causation.  What other explanation would you give for it?
In your response to peers, see if you can find another alternate explanation than the one the original author (not your peer) came up with.  In other words, your peer will come up with an explanation and can you come up with another?  You don’t need to include a source for your responses.

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