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Create 2 slide the question Offer an overview of how the publication influences

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Create 2 slide the question Offer an overview of how the publication influences its audience members and society in general.
The information below  can be used for the slides the magazine is people magazine add information as needed 
The People Magazine basically is an American magazine that is weekly that operates on a basis of 50/50 combination of human interest and celebrity articles enabling every person to acquiresomething from the given message. The features that are regular comprise of sightings and news on celebrities, movie, fashion guide, reviews on music as well as stories on human interest concerning how ordinary individuals cope with challenges that are extraordinary. There was a discovery that awareness intervention exposure minimized processes of social comparisonthrough elicitation of a perception that is more realistic of the particular type of body that women desire having. Due to the People being identified with coverage that is intimate of the figures that are political and celebrities, it has earned trust among the popular culture of America as it is known for not publishing rumors that are not substantial (Magazine, 2019).
They use advertising techniques of cheap items so as to attract their target market of women aged between 18 years and 32 years who are of middle class. They also advertise for items like face wash as well as make up that are meant to be appealing to women who are young adults. 
The description of People Magazine tells me several things about their intended audience. It gives an indication that it targets women in there late teens and older. I say this because it typically advertises content that would appeal more to women, such as women speaking on parenthood, dating, sexiest man alive, beauty, celebrity news, and gossip. The founding managing editor Richard Stolley characterized the magazine as “getting back to the people who are causing the news and who are caught up in it, or deserve to be in it.”
Although People magazine is more geared toward women, their readers are very diverse, not only women. For instance, on the cover of this publication is Kurt Russell speaking about making negative 1st impressions and Jason Momoa gives his opinion on men wearing the color pink. People magazine has the largest audience of any American magazine with over 40 million readers. It is very common for you to see a publication of People in any convenience store or business office, therefore making it easily accessible to multiple demographics of people.
Chatter. (2020, November). People Magazine, 94(22)
The lifestyles, values and points of view that are represented in the message are targeted to extremely specific audiences throughout the magazine. People Magazine is known to be geared towards women between the ages of eighteen to thirty-two. Mainly women that have at least completed with a high-school diploma or a college degree. The lifestyles represented in People Magazine could also be said to represent the lifestyles of such women that are Western European and could be living in top metropolitan cities such as Los Angeles or New York. Different people might understand the messages within this publication differently from one another lets say if they have come from a different lifestyle such as a forty year old woman living with her mother in a small town outside of Tokyo , Japan. Or a young minority boy who lives in an impoverished part of southside, Chicago who deals with violence and turmoil at home and in his daily life. These types of demographics wouldn’t contribute to the audience or the targeted audience of People Magazine therefore they may interpret the messages of People Magazine differently

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