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Create an advertisement with the elements you feel will most appeal to this demo

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Create an advertisement with the elements you feel will most appeal to this demographic. It can be created for a television, internet, or print advertisement. You should determine this based on the best place to reach for target demographic. For example, if you want to do a television commercial, you must explain which channel or channels you want to advertise on, during which programs, and why. You must explain why you think these channels and programs will appeal to your target demographic.
If you choose to include a celebrity, make sure their ethos is appropriate to the product/service you are advertising and that company’s existing public image. Explain why you chose to use this celebrity. Remember, just because someone is famous doesn’t mean they have ethos appropriate for your product/service/company.
If you want to do a print advertisement, describe in detail how your print advertisement would look. If you are going to do a television commercial, break down “shot by shot” what will happen in the ad, explaining how each element will appeal to your target demographic’s desired emotion. Consider setting, music, actors, characters, as well as the “mood” of the ad.
Finally, write a paragraph explaining the choices you made and why you feel these choices will appeal to the emotional desires of your intended demographic.
Feel free to use whichever writing format

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