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Creating a more unbiased assessment process has culminated in several key court

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Creating a more unbiased assessment process has culminated in several key court cases regarding the requirements for the assessment and evaluation process in special education.  Because of those decisions, today, in order for a student to qualify for special education services, educational professionals must follow a comprehensive process that evaluates the whole child and uses a multidisciplinary approach.  This includes assessment of all areas related to the suspected disability (Pierangelo & Guiliani, 2012).  As a special educator, it is important for you to be familiar with the historical context of processes used in the assessment and evaluation of students with mild to moderate disabilities.
Using support from the required readings, the Instructor Guidance, and supplemental information derived from the discussions write a 3 page paper analyzing three key cases and the effect they have had on the field. These cases are Hobson v. Hansen (Links to an external site.); Dina v. State Board of Education (Links to an external site.); and Larry P v. Wilson Riles (Links to an external site.).
Use the guidelines below for the content and written communication expectations.  Before submission, review your assignment using the Grading Rubric to insure it meets the expectations for distinguished performance.  If you have questions about the assignment or the rubric, please contact your instructor using the “Ask Your Instructor” discussion before the due date.
Content Expectations:
Your paper should include all the following elements:
An introduction describing the purpose of the paper.
One paragraph for each of the three above listed cases that includes:
A short description of the case, including each party’s stance.
A summary of the final court ruling for the case.
A succinct explanation of how the historical legal rulings for each case impacts current educational assessment and evaluation procedures for students with disabilities.  You will have three paragraphs total in this section.
One paragraph that includes a concise comparison of the three cases, noting their differences and similarities.
A summative evaluation of the cumulative effect these cases have had on the field (one paragraph)
A conclusion that summarizes the main points of the paper and includes your personal perspective on the impact of these cases.
Written Communication Expectations:
Syntax and Mechanics:  Exhibit meticulous use of grammar, spelling, organization, and usage throughout your submission.
Organization:  Use the above listed guidelines for explicit sections/headings within your paper.
Paragraphs:  Include separate headings for each required element in the narrative as listed above.
Source Requirement:  Reference at least 3 scholarly sources including the course text in order to provide compelling evidence to support your ideas.
Page Requirement:  3 pages not including the title and references pages.
Additional Page Requirement:  Your submission must include a title and reference page.
APA format:  All in text citations, page format and references must be written in APA 6th edition format.

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